Only English is available. This portal individually covers basic grammar topics such as adjectives, adverbs, connectors and determiners. Also included are the tests for the different components of the PSLE English language exam like grammar and vocabulary cloze, synthesis/transformation and open-ended comprehension. Every level also has papers in examination format as a test of all the topics covered in that level for the child’s practice.
The online portal has all the benefits of regular pen and paper assessment books, and the added benefits of e-learning. The online portal will enable the child to learn and practice anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet access. Updates to content can also be accessed instantly, without any additional costs. Environmentally, online portals have less impact on the environment as it eliminates the need to cut trees and obtain paper.
- The portal is suitable for Grades 2 to 6 and includes an advanced level for Grade 6.
- The questions were designed and crafted by a pool of Singapore ex-Ministry of Education school educators based on the Singapore curriculum.
- Yes, the system automatically scores his/her attempts and answers are provided at the end of each set of questions.
- Yes, the quizzes can be attempted as many times as you like if you are subscribed to the quiz, and each attempt will be recorded.
- Yes, the quizzes can be completed at your child’s own pace and can be continued from where he/she left off.
- After registering an account, you will then need to subscribe to a package. Each package will have quizzes which your child can use to practise their English language.
- Each package consists of 10,000 questions with answers for the Grade that you have chosen. The package will be accessible for 1 year from the date of subscription.
- Depending on the Grade you are subscribing to, it can range from $20.99 to $80 per package.
- We accept PayPal and credit card payments.
- Yes, there is. Simply register for an account with us and you will be able to access the free trials.
- Yes, you can log in to the account to view your child’s quiz reports.
- There is a ranking system where you can see how your child is ranked compared to others who had attempted the same questions. There will also be rewards available for redemption as your child earns points from completing quizzes (Note: This is an upcoming feature that is not available at the moment).
- More details will be provided for this soon.
- You may contact us at [email protected] to clarify your doubts on the questions or answers.
- You may contact us at [email protected] to raise the issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
- We are always looking for ways to improve the portal. You may contact us at [email protected] to send in your feedback.