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    To students taking Physics O Level Paper 1, do take note of the following. Given what has been tested in Paper 2 already, we can hypothesize the concepts that may be tested in Paper 1, as follows:

    1) Reading of vernier caliper, micrometer, ticker tape, pendulum
    2) Kinematics (graphs) and terminal velocity concepts
    3) Forces calculation (Net F=ma)
    4) Moments calculation & stability concepts
    5) Mass, weight, density (and inertia)
    6) Pressure: Barometer, manometer, hydraulic press (P=F/A, P=hpg)
    7) Temperature (e.g. thermocouple), Brownian motion concepts
    8) Heat capacity & latent heat (graphs, concepts, calculations)
    9) Reflection, refraction & TIR, Lenses
    10) Waves: v = fλ calculations, concepts, graphs
    11) EM waves conceptual understanding
    12) Sound: calculations. i.e. echo, graphs, pitch & loudness, ultrasound
    13) Current electricity: formulae, series & parallel, brightness of bulbs
    14) D.C circuits: potential divider, LDR, thermistor, potentiometer
    15) Electromagnetism: Fleming’s LH rule, right hand grip rule, D.C motor
    16) EMI: Lenz’s law, A.C generator, transformer, power transmission
    17) CRO displays: Time-based on switched off or on (d.c input, a.c input)

    :rahrah: All the best! :rahrah:

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